Cosmic Tortoise


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released April 14, 2016

Tracked, mixed, and mastered by
Mike Schuur at Sun Spot Recording
in Kalamazoo, MI Feb-Apr 2016.

Co produced by Shoto and Mike Schuur

Artwork by Brok Leshman



all rights reserved


SHOTO Kalamazoo, Michigan

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Track Name: Carrier of Light
The signal sings, Cast out through the vacuum.
Distress in the feed, Houston repeat.
They see the sun rise on the back of the beast,
carrier of light. Houston repeat.
The shadow of a colossal entity descending
into hydrogen seas, as it dives into the deep
all colour recedes. Rotation has stopped,
Jupiter is lost.
The force of expanse, singing the harmonies
of doom, cracks the glass as the vacuum
screams their names; and the harmoniums sing:
'Stare at the faintest star earthling and
feel how heavy your limbs are growing.'
Track Name: Endless Horizon
As the ethereal being of light rose into sight
the horizon became endless. It drifted across
the land with ease, thought the mountains and
over the sea, through the crumbling city structures
as all else fell away, and it came to face me.
It's voice as deafening silence, nothing has ever
been so clear. "There has always been a choice to
leave this place as I did millennia ago, but did
you notice? Slow down and take in what has always
been, not with the quick and unfulfilled. Existence
is a journey not a race." And as it's jaw lowered
stepped forth, at last connected with what has never
been in this age.
Track Name: City on a Hill
...and the blink of an eye becomes a lengthened
lapse in time. The wear of thought stands none fold
to an uninsulated mind.
The tracers of foxes feed the streams, a step forward
takes me where I need to be, not to where I see.
Unmeasured structures twist and reform at the trials
of time, but time does not exist here. I have eternity
to find my ease.
I am happy that home has found me in this soundscape,
and under these cloudless, cosmic skies.
Track Name: Whips Blow Back
Step out my front door, where'd that easy feeling go?
Seeds creep back to trees, buildings deconstruct
like shifting visions.
The air is weighted and the sky burns a colour that I
cannot see. My dangers belonged to the future but
now the future is here; and now with vacancy I realize
that I'm not leaving home, it's leaving me.
My home is this black hole. ∞
Track Name: Eater of Light
Multidimensional existence. a soul less vessels in the fabric of time.

(Twisting through portals; bodies malform)

"Trail behind the North star lonesome wanderer. Intergalactic pariah
You've come so far yet stand in place. With your boredom's and your Disgrace".

Scavenging the cosmos in search of meaning and substance

(Ancient spires crack and crumble)

Silence, Breathless, Motionless, Emptiness
Endless, Lifeless

The light has been extinguished; breath deep the void-less air
Grasp your chest in agony and let the vacuum take you.

Ancient palisades hide the ruins of our past.

"This is the testimony of all that I have seen, and all that I have learned. I have seen One Thousand and One moons, and surely this is enough for the span of a man's life. I have raised demons from the dead. I have summoned the ghosts of my ancestors to real and visible appearance on the tops of temples built to reach the stars. I have raised armies against the Lands of the East, by summoning the hordes of fiends I have made subject unto me, and doing so found the God of the Heathens, who breathes flame and roars like a thousand thunders.

I have found fear."